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Data has the potential to be your biggest advantage.
Let our unique way of approaching data provide the clarity you’ve been searching for – through our modern practices, delivery models and services.

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Why dataengine?

Prove Value

We utilise modern methodologies to gain value faster from modern cloud and data platforms. We are ambassadors of DataOps and Data Mesh.

Automated Solutions​ For Your Needs

We use value creation to identify problems and build automated data solutions tailored to your​ needs.

Prevent Cost

We divide projects into achievable chunks in a roadmap to provide value effectively and prevent cost overrun.

Actionable Roadmaps Through Agile

We use Agile to help realise value efficiently and co-create strategic milestones along our journey from discovery to launch.

Industry Experts

We bring a wealth of experience to the table: from product expertise in incubating products, to developers, to data experts, architects and beyond.

Industry Certified
and Local

Our professionally-certified experts hold certifications in Microsoft Data Platform, Azure, Google Cloud, Power BI, and many more.

Our industry partners

Our services

Unleash the possibilities hidden within your data
through our Advisory, Ways of Working, Deploy, Run and Resourcing Services


The only way to set up your programme for success.

We use our architects and proven 3-step methodology to help you discover, assess, and propose the best-fit strategy and architectural roadmap for your business needs.

Ways of Working

Work smarter together:

Optimise processes and empower data teams with our Ways of Working solutions. We organise  operating models to be more efficient and transparent.


Bring plans and strategy into life, with the right expertise to deploy your equirements.

We’re experts in  delivering to designs, and deploy the best in agile deployment and programme management.


Once built, we support you and your team get the best out of your investment.

From simple dash boards, reporting and alerting through support and incident management.

We also provide FinOps to ensure proper productivity and costs are measured.


Sometimes you need experts to help you out. Eliminate the high expense of hiring and managing a full data team. Instead get access to our on-demand comprehensive network of talent via our:

  • Arch as a Service
  • Squad as a Service
  • Fixed Resources

Our foundational expertise

Data Mesh

Data Mesh is a cutting-edge practice for centralising and decentralising architecture and data responsibilities. It focuses on product thinking to build repeatable data products using a domain-centric data model, platform and operating model.


DataOps enables workflows with up-to-date communication, collaboration, integration, automation, measurement and cooperation between all stakeholders – such as business owners, DevOps, data engineers and data scientists.


Machine-Learning Operations (MLOps) is a set of practices for efficient collaboration and communication between stakeholders to help manage production of models in the ML lifecycle​.

Data Playbooks

Data playbooks support the operationalisation of both data squads and teams through consistent process and governance frameworks.

We help businesses to grow

Gain the clarity needed to grow your business by unlocking valuable insights from your data. Learn more about how dataengine has unlocked the possibilities of data for our clients in our case studies.

We come highly recommended

Our client testimonials can tell you better than anyone exactly what it’s like to work with us –
and just how powerful unlocking the possibilities of data can be for your business.

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We give back to
New Zealand!

At dataengine, we love to talk and teach all things data!

Our dataninja’s are passionate about helping others understand the value and power of data. We know how important it is for businesses – and individuals – to understand how to harness the potential of data by transforming it into actionable insights.

Our team shares their knowledge and expertise to organisations. We do this through regular collaboration with a range of organisations and education facilities through presentations and advisory work and through our regular DataOps MeetUp group.  

We want to give something back and so we work with The Regional Business Partner Network, Business Mentors, the NZ Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment, the Tech Teachers Lab, as well as tertiary institutions such as the University of Canterbury’s Data Science club and Gov Hack, talking and teaching about all things data.

You can join the hundreds of other people across New Zealand already taking advantage of dataengine’s expertise through regular webinars, events, and our LinkedIn Page. 

Want to learn about unlocking the possibilities from your data?

Our modern methodologies unlock the possibilities hidden within your data – leaving you free to maximise these valuable insights and take your business to the next level.

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