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dataengine is dedicated to bringing your data to life. What does this mean? We believe data has the potential to be your biggest advantage – no matter what industry your business operates in.

Our team will work alongside you to develop an approach that unlocks the possibilities of your data through our modern practices, delivery models and services.

We make data simple, accessible and valuable through our modern and unique approach to help businesses optimise their efficiency and gain competitive advantage by unlocking sustainable value. 

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We will help you unlock valuable insights from your data with our cutting-edge technical, advisory, and managed services

Generative AI Data Mesh

Your ability to harness AI safely and securely with the biggest transformation for your business.

Generative AI

Generative AI is a game changer for all businesses and has a massive number of use cases.
It provides an out of the box LLM which can be used and then configured.
Gen AI can contextualise questions asked and provide an informed response.

Secure Modern Architecture

Generative AI is not without its risks. The protection of your data is key – and this can be done through dataengine’s design pattern and architecture – ensuring any sensitive data you load remains safe and secure.

Playbooks and Practice

To make the most of your platform – you need your people trained on how to use it effectively. Building an AI practice within your business, based on dataengine’s playbook and practices, means you and your team are set up for success with your Generative AI investment.


After we build in a safe and secure way inside your organisation, we then show you how to operate it effectively.  We are here to support you in the models assessing governance frameworks, looking at data management – even helping with looking at your next business case.

Our Technical Services


Foundational services

Data Mesh

Data Mesh is a cutting-edge practice for centralising and decentralising architecture and data responsibilities. It focuses on product thinking to build repeatable data products using a domain-centric data model, platform and operate model.


Require a modern practice to deliver quality insights but are at a quicker speed to the business? We can help establish a DataOps best practise to automate pipelines and increase adoption of insights.


Machine-Learning Operations (MLOps) is a set of practices for efficient collaboration and communication between stakeholders that can help with both supervised and unsupervised machine learning development and enablement across multiple use cases using MLOps principles.​

Data Playbooks

Data Playbooks helps implement industry practices with a collection of strategies, plays for different use cases, practices, design patterns, scenarios, and operating models. It’s gives direction to select the right product, platform, and methodology to realise value faster from data. ​


Data Automation

We help companies with data acquisition using methods such as data robots, cleansing, structuring, and raw data enrichment to fuel their analytics and application systems in near or realtime​

Cloud and Data Migration

Have a legacy system and require the ability to migrate, archive, or extract metadata? We leverage open source and industry standards software to move your data or migrate to the cloud without delays.

Self-Service Analytics​​

Enable your business to leverage self-service datasets in a secure and controlled approach. We can guide you through tool selection, education and the enablement of processes to increase adoption​.

Data Management​​

Require a new approach or better tooling for data governance? We can provide the tools and technology needed to improve quality, cataloguing, and metadata management​​.

Our Advisory Services

Modern Data Strategy​

With the abundance of data available to companies, an modern, actionable data strategy is critical in order to move towards data-driven decision making. We will help co-create a tactical and strategic plan to turn your data into valuable insights by combining people, process, and technology into one framework.

Data Playbooks

A playbook helps implement industry practices with a collection of strategies, practices, plays for different use cases, design patterns, scenarios, and operating models. Playbooks direct you towards the right product, platform and methodology to realise value faster from your data. ​


Want to build repeatable designs? We can help define blueprint, platform taxonomy, and guidelines on how to use the right tools, so you can easily solve challenges​.

Maturity Model​

Want to baseline your maturity level? We can build a custom maturity model for your business based on people, process, technology and skills. This can help you map out clear, manageable steps to data-driven success.

Data-driven Product Development​​

We help businesses build data-driven products using rapid prototyping practices like LEAN, Agile, TDSP, RAT and more. We bring the idea to life by connecting the dots between technology and market need to build a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to springboard into further development​​.

MLOps or DataOps Practice​

Need assistance automating your data pipeline, or establishing a DataOps and/or MLOps practice within your business? We offer both full managed development and specific deliverables, enabling you to make the most of your data through modern cloud and open source solutions.

Business Data Cases​​

Have business data use cases in mind, but need help scoping data and investment requirements? Our team can advise you on the best practices for building the business data use case for your needs.

Our Managed Services

Our experts offer troubleshooting, platform management, break/fix, and monitoring services.


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