Harness the Power of GenAI: Secure, Safe, Responsible

Revolutionise your knowledge management with data security at the forefront!


Are you concerned about data leaks?

Are you frustrated with slow knowledge retrieval?

Do you want to reduce cost or optimise your business processes quickly?

Are you feeling left behind in the GenAI adoption race?

Are you spending countless hours searching for information?

Why Generative AI?​

Gen AI is bringing a wave of innovation to knowledge management, making it easier to access, curate, and leverage information within organisations.

Effortless Knowledge at Your Fingertips

  • Summarise complex documents and social media content in seconds.
  • Generate proposals and statements of work based on past successes.
  • Create clear and concise product guides.
  • Equip your sales team with insightful support materials.

Search Smarter, Find Faster

  • Did you know an average employee spends 3.61 hours a day searching for information? Slash the time employees spend searching for information.
  • Gen AI understands user intent and delivers personalised search results.

Automate and Simplify

  • Build your knowledge base automatically from existing data sources.
  • Reduce the burden of manual updates and streamline employee onboarding.

Enhanced Customer Service

  • Implement AI-powered chatbots for informative and engaging customer support.
  • Answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and provide personalised reports.

Identify Knowledge Gaps & Stay Ahead

  • Leverage Gen AI to analyse user interactions and pinpoint areas needing content improvement.
  • Ensure your knowledge base remains comprehensive and addresses evolving needs.

Our GenAI Accelerator


We’ll guide you on your AI journey through a collaborative and iterative, step-by-step process to assess your AI readiness, identify valuable use cases, deploy proof-of-concepts, and finally, refine them into production-ready solutions and build practices for Responsible AI Governance.


  1. Security: Designed with zero-trust architecture and alignment to ISO27001.
  2. Automated Deployment: We’ll deploy the AI landing zone within minutes.
  3. Cost Certainty: Fixed fee eliminates budget surprises.
  4. AI Data Governance: Responsible data use with policies, processes and  access controls.
  5. Flexible Capability: Multiple pre-built components, AutoML features, and templates to accelerate your development.
  6. Control: Providing you cost tracking, usage monitoring, and control over your AI implementation.
  7. Quick Time to Value: We’ll help you extract value from your data with a tested methodology.

Package - One Flat Fee

$78,000 NZD

What's Included

  • High-level conceptual design tailored to your organisation’s security posture.
  • Enterprise-grade AI landing zone for secure operation.
  • FinOps dashboard for cost transparency and optimisation.
  • Documented design for clear reference.
  • Production-ready AI bot.

Bonus Extras

  • Pilot use case to showcase value creation.
  • Governance and policy framework implementation.
  • Actionable insights derived from your GenAI implementation.
  • Training and education to the technical team and wider business.