Case Studies

Downer T&I Transforms Data Landscape in 4 Months : A Case Study in Efficiency

  • 4 months centralised data hub designed in four months
  • ISO27001 compliance achieved

From Chaos to Clarity: Streamlining Data for Genesis Energy

  • 16 platforms and gas pipeline use cases operationalised¬†
  • $790k cloud cost savings with optimisation¬†
  • $10M project Investment

A Leading Economic Hub Optimises Operations with Data-Driven Solutions

  • 10 days faster, cost-effective delivery (DataOps/MLOps)
  • 4M+ rostering scenarios, improved employee well-being and flexibility
  • 5x faster and precise analytics

Leading Building Start-Up Fast Tracks: Cloud, DataOps & Insights in 4 Months

  • 30x Faster! Data modeling & Snowflake turbocharged queries
  • 4 Months to Insights: Cloud platform & use case live in record time
  • Hours Cut to Seconds: Processing speedup empowers data-driven decisions

Foresight Analytics: Scaling Investment Consulting with DataOps and AI

  • 60% reduction in manual data processing efforts.
  • 3 Data Sources Automated
  • 2 weeks to ideate-design-build cycle